Economic Development

Inland Port

Chatsworth-Murray County, Georgia is home to the new Appalachian Regional Port, providing a powerful new gateway to the Port of Savannah, the second busiest port on the East Coast.

The Appalachian Regional Port, through CSX, provides a direct, 388-mile rail route to the Georgia Ports Authority’s Garden City Terminal at Savannah and offers an efficient option to an all-truck dray to the deepwater port for target markets in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and Kentucky. Each container moved by rail to and from the Appalachian Regional Port will offset 355 truck miles on Georgia highways or 8 million truck miles annually.

By reducing transit costs, the Appalachian Regional Port makes locally produced goods such as carpet, flooring, automobiles and tires more competitive on the global market, while reducing carbon emissions. The inland port is also expected to attract a broad array of jobs to Chatsworth, Eton and Murray County, from advanced manufacturing and logistics to the retail and support services necessary to supply new industries and their employees.

Download the Appalachian Inland Port brochure here.